In this free training course, discover the strategies and tools that can help individuals, Rotarians like yourselves, cities and nations to build and sustain peace.

Here’s what you’ll learn.

Through this academy, you will strengthen your knowledge and identify concrete ways to enhance and engage in Rotary’s work in peace and conflict resolution and the Areas of Focus – all via a Positive Peace lens.


Introducing peace and conflict

An introduction to peace and conflict: You will be introduced to a broad overview of Peace and Conflict issues, and the concepts of positive and negative peace.


What is Positive Peace?

Understanding the concept of Positive Peace: Expanding on the idea of Positive Peace, how it is derived and its relationship to several areas of peacebuilding.


Positive Peace in action

Positive Peace in action: theory to practice: You will learn how Positive peace can impact our homes, Rotary Clubs, cities and nations, investigating real world examples.


Positive Peace & Rotary

Positive Peace & Rotary: You will learn about the knowledge, theory and practice that connects the Rotary six areas of focus with the IEP work on Positive Peace.

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By taking this course you will be joining Rotarians all over the world – members who want to learn about peace, and take action on one of the world’s biggest challenges. Peacebuilding starts with us, in our homes, cities and nations. Join us as we train Rotarians across the world in the ground-breaking concept of Positive Peace.

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After your course is complete then it’s time to take action! The Rotary Positive Peace Academy will not only just learn about Positive Peace, but provides suggested actions for you to get involved with.

Free training

The Rotary Positive Peace Academy is completely free. 

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At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.

Course reviews

Over 2000 Rotarians all over the world have taken the course – here are just some of their comments following their completion:

“The Rotary Positive Peace Academy is essential training for ‘big-picture’ peacebuilders.”

Brian Farr

Global Chair, Rotary Action Group for Peace

“This training refined my knowledge about peace and conflict resolution by offering measurable models of peace.”

Reem Ghunaim

Executive Director, Rotary Action Group for Peace

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